Atlas Trade Handles and Shafts

FSC® Hardwood Handles

Half the magic is in the handle!

What is FSC® and what does it mean? Atlas Trade® is committed to leading the industry in minimising the impact of its activities on the environment. In line with this, ethical and responsible sourcing of wood fibre used in our handles is a key focus. Atlas Trade® products are backed by FSC® accreditation with all timber products sourced from verified legal or certified sustainable forest operations.

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) is internationally recognised as the worlds most rigorous environmental and social standard for responsible forest management. It is endorsed by WWF and Greenpeace as the gold standard of forestry management certification.

  • FSC is an independent, non-government, non-profit organisation. Since the beginning, FSC® has certified over 130 million hectares of forests in over 80 countries

  • With FSC Certification you can be assured that timber is: Sourced from responsibly managed forests

  • Is not contributing to illegal logging or destruction of high conservation forests

  • Is not endangering wildlife habitats

  • It also gives assurance that the rights of workers and indigenous communities are respected

Short Dee Handles - FSC® Certified

Dee handles provide comfort and strength and are best used for close work or work in confined spaces.

Hardwood Handles - FSC® Certified

Hardwood shafts have a breaking strain point of up to 150kg. Hardwood shafts feel great in the hand.

Fibreglass handles Half the magic is in the handle! Just like timber handles, fibreglass handles also vary dramatically between different suppliers with their composition, cost, strength, weight and durability.

Fibreglass is a common type of fibre-reinforced plastic using glass fibre to add strength and other desired properties. A high grade of this material is used in a lot of Atlas Trade tools due to its lightweight, low-conductivity, high impact resistance and weather-resistant features. When digging around electrical wires, a full fibreglass handle is desired over handles that contain steel tubing so there is less conductivity if a wire is struck.

Fibreglass handles often look similar from the outside but as you’ll see from the diagram below, they vary tremendously internally from a solid core (Atlas Trade), to a variety of hollow cores with either a steel tube and fibreglass outer casing or wood cores with fibreglass outer casing. Strength, durability and flexibility will also be greatly impacted upon the thickness of the steel tube, the thickness of the outer fibreglass casing and type of wood used inside the core.

Fibreglass Handles

Constructed with a solid core of fibreglass through the centre and sheathed with a poly prop cover. Fibreglass handles have the benefit of being extremely durable, have slight flexibility to them, do not splinter and reduce vibration when impacted against hard surfaces.

Polypropylene ‘D’ Handle

Designed to be durable and comfortable

Similar to the timber and fibreglass which is used on handles, the actual handle itself can vary a lot in quality, durability, comfort and cost. The Atlas Trade D Grip is not just another plastic D Grip Handle. The Atlas Trade D Grip is an extra-strong, commercial grade, impact-absorbing, no-slip premium handle.

Polypropylene is widely used in the coating of steel handled garden tools for comfortable use. It is resistant to most solvents. It is also corrosion-proof, tough and impact resistant which makes it ideal to accompany our tough digging products!

Once you pick up and view the Atlas Trade handle, you will see that the whole unit has been designed to be durable but also comfortable for long hours of use.

Ergo-Shaped Shafts and Contouring All of our hardwood and fibreglass long handle spades and shovels feature a slightly contoured ergo handle, which thins a little in width compared to the top and bottom of the shaft. This contour allows the handle shaft to fit better into the worker's grip allowing greater leverage, grip and comfort.

Main image courtesy of @shebuildsbro