Atlas Trade Quality Control & Testing

Quality control Every Atlas Trade® product is made to our exacting standards and specifications using quality materials. All products are thoroughly tested to ensure reliability to get the job done. Some of the vigorous testing includes:

Rockwell Hardness Testing We test the hardness of steel in our spade and shovelheads to ensure they are not too soft (which would mean that they bend out of shape easily) and that they are not too hard (which would mean they simply snap when used).

Cyclic Flex Testing The cyclic flex test simulates a continuous digging action. Heads are tested to destruction. They are required to meet a predetermined number of cycles.

Handle testing All of our handles are tested by applying incremental pressure (KG thrust) to the handle. The various brands and types of handles have a predetermined breaking point they are required to meet.

After an Atlas tool is assembled, a final check is made to ensure that all the parts have been fitted correctly and that the action of each moving part is smooth and functional and that the operation of the tool is comfortable for the user.

The Atlas Trade® WARRANTY Most Atlas Trade® products carry a 25-year warranty from the date of purchase. This is documented on the product packaging. In the rare case that Atlas Trade® products require repair, maintenance or replacement you can rely on us.