Different types of hoes and their uses

A hoe is an ancient agriculture and horticultural hand tool used to remove weeds, shape soil, clear soil and harvest root crops. Hoeing your garden is an important part of managing weeds, you should always hoe weeds at first sight - waiting until the weeds take over your garden will make hoeing more difficult. Hoes are also used to dig trenches for planting seeds and bulbs and for digging and moving soil to harvest root crops such as potato and kumura.

Best practice is to hoe your garden when the soil is as dry as possible. The best time of day is first thing in the morning before you water your plants. This creates what is called dust mulch which can help prevent new weeds from germinating. Depending on what you are wanting to achieve in your garden will depict the type of hoe you will require.

Atlas Trade Swan Neck Hoe (Draw Hoe) is the typical farming and gardening hoe, with broad blade and straight edge it's perfect for breaking up and aerating the soil also ideal for loosening weeds and cultivating.

Atlas Trade Torpedo Hoe (Light Draw Hoe) is a lighter version of the swan hoe, the smaller size and pointed edges are made for control of young weeds popping up in larger areas of the garden.

Atlas Trade Dutch Hoe (Forward Facing Push Hoe) the forward facing design with 90 degree angle blade is made to be skimmed just under the soil surface where is slices the weeds at the roots. The gap above the blade allows the soil to fall back as you push it along.

Atlas Trade Cultivator Hoe (Cultivator) the gaps between the tines are designed to get really close to the stems of plants allowing for tight cultivation and weed removal around plant stems.