Different types of rakes and their best uses

Ever been unsure of what type of rake you need for the job? Or have you overestimated the capacity of your rake and found yourself in the hardware store looking for a new one? Check out our guide below...

Plastic Leaf Rake

It's all in the name, the most traditional rake - this rake is well balanced and designed to sweep leaves and lawn debris without penetrating or damaging the grass or soil beneath.

Braced Garden Rake

Ideal for spreading, dressing and breaking up heavy soils, stones or leaves. The braced head makes it extra strong and durable.

Metal Leaf Rake

Designed to sweep up heavier soils, stones, leaves and lawn debris then the plastic version.

Concrete Rake

Ideal for spreading concrete and moving or breaking heavy-duty soils. The reverse flat edge can also be used to smooth surfaces such as concrete, stone or soils.

Aluminium Landscaping Rake

With an extra-wide head, this rake is designed for preparing lawns, paving and other landscaping tasks. The braced head makes it ideal for spreading heavy-duty soils and the reverse straight edge helps to smooth it out. 

Nail Braced Rake

Its head is braced for ultimate strength against tough materials making it ideal for cultivating, weeding and breaking up heavy soil.

Scarifier Rake

Designed for removing the dense layer of thatch that forms between the soil and base of the grass. Removing this layer helps promote healthy growth of your lawn. The curved tines made for cultivating the soil ready for laying grass seed or nutrients.