How to maintain and sharpen your axe

Your Axe always needs a good clean and sharpen to get the longest life out of it, see our tips below on how to maintain and sharpen your axe.

Give it a good clean and store correctly Storing your tools away clean and dry is imperative to a long life. After each use clean thoroughly and dry with a towel. Tools are best stored off the ground to prevent any moisture and rust build-up.

Remove rust early If your axe is showing signs of rust, tackle it early. Use a steel wool with a mild acid (vinegar) and scrub away any small rust spots. Be careful to make sure you remove the rust with as little scrubbing as possible to ensure your tools don't weaken and thin over time.

Oil the head and handle

Oiling of the head and handle twice yearly to keep it in tip-top condition. If you live in a damper area, more then twice a year is recommended. Use boiled linseed oil from your local hardware store. It's also great for treating and protecting treated timber of cricket bats, furniture etc.

Sand the handles Make sure to run your hand down any wooden handles or areas, does it feel like it could splinter? Use a light sandpaper to smooth out any rough spots. Is the wood handle too far gone? Replacement wood handles are available to fit your old head too - giving you another lifetime from your tool.

Sharpen them up Sharpen the edges of your axe using a sharpening stone after applying some linseed oil. Use in a circular motion and sharpen both sides alternately to move the burr from one side to the other, until it is nearly gone.