How to make your tools last!

Having an issue with your tools not lasting as long as they should? Showing signs of age before their time? You could be not looking after them correctly - so check out our handy tips to storing and cleaning your tools so they have a chance for a long hard-working life!

Keep them clean

Your trusty shovel or spade does you well digging in dirt, mud and clay time and time again. But after each use it is so important to clean them properly, and if your organised it will become simple and quick!

Keep a gentle scrubbing brush in the truck or shed, rinse and scrub any remaining dirt thoroughly and make sure to do the same with the handle whether it's fibreglass or wood.

Keep them dry

You may think you're storing your tools ok in the shed, but if it's a damp or humid space - it can be the leading cause of rust especially if your not cleaning and drying your tools before storing them. Always hang your garden tools. Your garage may seem dry but moisture easily creeps from concrete floors. Don’t let your garden tools rest on the concrete if possible.

Look after them

Is rust beginning to show? Use steel wool and oil and scrub clean. The earlier you catch it, the better your chance of removing it.

If you have wooden handles that are beginning to age - use a light sandpaper to brush up and apply linseed oil with a cloth every 6 months or so.

Sharpen them

When your finished using your tools, clean and dry them - but if they are not preforming like the used to, use a tool shapener to refine those old edges.

Follow these steps, and you will get a long life out of your tools!