Pick Mattock vs Cutter Mattock

A Mattock, by definition, is a hand tool used predominantly for digging and chopping. Similar to the pick axe, it features a long handle made of either wood or fibreglass and has either a vertical axe blade with a horizontal blade or a pick on one side with horizontal blade. So why a mattock over other tools?

Cutter Mattock

A cutter mattock features a vertical blade on one side and a horizontal blade on the other. The vertical axe blade is designed with a sharp cutting edge - ideal for cutting the gnarliest stumps and roots. The horizontal blade (or adze) has a slight curve design which helps it to penetrate and move large amounts of soil at once.

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Pick Mattock

A pick mattock has a long tapered pick which helps allow the right amount of force and momentum to break up tough product. A pick mattock is ideal for breaking and dislodging solid product such as rocks and stones and the horizontal blade (adze) is used to dog or hoe the earth.

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