Shed organisation tips you need to try

Limited for space in your shed or garage? Or has it just gotten out of control? Here's a couple of organisation ideas that can perhaps trump your wife's pantry Kmart skills!

1: Use a magnetic strip for hand tools

Make sure to choose heavy-duty magnetic bars, and fix them strong to the wall. You can hang tools such as screw drivers, chisels, drill bits, pliers etc. Keep them off the work bench!

2: Use jars for odd screws and nails

Use a couple of old pasta jars with the labels soaked off and label with the different type of screws and nails. Think wood nails, screws, metal screws etc.

3: Sort those chemicals

Garden/car/cleaning chemicals are a common sight in the shed, make sure to have them stored high out of reach of children and pets. Organise them to sections, make sure their labels are still clear for instructions and make sure the lids are tightly fastened!

4: Sort those extension cables

Ugh, cables. Fix hooks or large strong nails/screws to a wood surface, roll them up correctly and hang them up. It'll become a new habit before you know it.

5: Invest in a pegboard - or plywood with nails

Fix this behind the workbench, use nails to hang tools and for a bit extra - use a vivid to outline the tools so they always come back to the same spot!

6: Organise the outdoor tools

Do you have a pile of spades, shovels and forks in the corner? Use a strong piece of timber and fix to the wall. Using nails/hooks/large screws - drill in hangers so you can hang them up off the ground. EXTRA tip: double stack like for like tools so its not one tool per hooks.