Things you can do around the garden

Looking for a little inspiration on what to get done around the home and garden during the lockdown? We've put together a list of our top tips of things you can get the whole family involved with!

Turn over the soil in your garden

Autumn is a great time to turn over your garden soil, especially if you are between crops. Spread roughly 10cm of compost over the garden, using your Atlas Trade Garden Fork or Garden Spade dig the soil deep into the soil and lift the original soil onto the top. Repeat this twice to get a good thorough turning, and smooth out any large chunks of soil with a Garden Rake or Torpedo Hoe.

Make your own compost bin

Compost is a great natural fertiliser around the garden, and you can build your own out of almost anything you can find around the home. 4 pallets fixed together is a cheap and easy option, create a door for easy access to the compost and protect from the elements with a tarpaulin or another pallet. An old bin with a lid also makes a great turning compost, drill holes in the top 2/3rds and lid and use stronghold cables to keep the lid on when turning. Go one step further by creating an X Frame on either side with a joined base - and feed a steel pole through the centre sitting either end on the crosspoint of the X. Be sure the lid is sealed well and cut 3 side door opening that can be latched - for compost access.

Prep your lawn

To have a lush green lawn, it needs to be prepped properly. You can help this process be ready for lawn seed by ensuring a few boxes are ticked. Killing off all existing weeds and grass is the first step, once browned efficiently clear them away. Clear away unwanted stone and debris and level as much as possible. Turn over the top 5cm of soil to create a good base ready for lawn seed. If required, top-up with topsoil or lawn mix and level with a Top Soil Spreader.

Tidy your shed

Now is a great time to get the shed sorted, clean up and sharpen your tools, perhaps take notice of which ones might be ready to be replaced, or what handles might need replacing. Check out our info on How to make your tools last. Make space to hang larger tools on the wall so they keep dry and rust-free. You can use an old plywood board and nails to make spaces for small tools on a wall.

Transplant your trees

Autumn is the best time of year to transplant most trees, shrubs, and other plants. Make sure the new position will suit the plant. Dig the hole where the plant is to be planted well before digging it up from its current position. Make sure the hole is bigger than the roots of the plant. Ensure the tree is well watered, dig compost into the new hole and move it on a cool morning.