Why and When to Use Wavy Blade Shears

Have you ever wondered what the advantage of hedge shears with wavy blades is? Well, if you have ever tried to neatly trim Buxus hedging into a topiary (clearly defined geometric or fanciful shape) hedge you may have noticed it can be difficult using hedge shears with straight blades. This is because the small twiglets that you are trying to trim are tough but flexible, and as the blades come together, the twiglets can slip up between the blades and not cut where you want.

Wavy blade shears solve this problem by catching the twiglets more firmly between the blades and snipping them cleanly at the required length. So, if it is neat and tidy trimming you want to do, Atlas Trade wavy blade shears are the shears for you.

The Atlas Trade Wavy Blade Hedge Shears have drop forged blades made of top-quality high carbon steel and light aluminium arms with ergonomic soft grips. There are standard and telescopic handle versions to suit the size of your hedges and topiary. They won’t just trim new growth they can cut through branches as thick as 8 mm with ease.